Doctoring Your Own Children

As a Mama we play many roles in our lives. Mom. Cook. Teacher. Trainer. Nurturer. Wife. Doctor. Playmate. Cop. Cheerleader. Bookkeeper. Gardener. Hairdresser. and many others. I’m sure you can add to this list. And we don’t just do these one at a time. We play several roles at one time. Our job/responsibilities never end and if they did, what would we do? God made us to be able to be this versatile. I mean, our brains as women never stops. So let me just say, if you never think of absolutely nothing, you are a woman and will never be able to comprehend the “nothing box” that men have.

I don’t know about you, but I play doctor in my house quite a bit. From little scraps, to open gashes, to colds, sore throats, bee stings, tummy aches, head aches, diaper rash, thorns, bloody noses, bruises, bumps….need I go on?

I believe God gave us incredible bodies to heal themselves and amazing plants here on this earth to help our bodies heal.  I love herbs, essential oils, tinctures, whole foods, fermented foods as medicine. I don’t believe that only one will help the sickness. We need a safe healthy dose of a mix of them all.

When my children have colds, which they do now, I don’t take them to the doctor. I can’t stand the thought of paying him $100+ for him to tell me something I already know!! It hurts my wallet. It hurts my conscious. and it doesn’t help the cold.

There are these amazing plants that help our bodies to fight colds and common illnesses that our bodies fight on a daily basis.  For starts I don’t try to keep my children away from other children with colds. They need to get them as it builds their immunity to protect them for next time they are exposed.

So, back to these amazing plants God created for us.  Some of my favorites are:





These we like to take in hot tea or tincture form.

A few of my favorite whole foods to eat are:

-chicken stock/broth

-beef stock/broth


Yummy chicken stock soup is our favorite.

One of the most important things I try to keep us away from when we are sick is sugar. Candies, dessert, and other sweets. The sickness feeds on the sugar and makes it harder for our bodies to “kick” the cold/ or other sickness we have.

Just yesterday my girls were helping me cut potatoes for lunch.  I teach my children at a young age how to handle a knife properly so as not to fear them nor to cut themselves. Thankfully up till yesterday there have been no serious finger or hand cutting.

Yesterday as we were cutting potatoes the youngest was trying to help and I noticed she wasn’t handling her knife in a safe manner.  I instructed her to not use the knife right then as she could cut herself.  I then went back to getting the potatoes ready to boil.

Next thing I know she is protecting her hand and crying.

Do you know the best thing to do for a cut?  Pressure. Pressure. Pressure. oh…and stay calm. Above all else….stay calm.

I calming grabbed a tissue and applied it with pressure to the cut. I applied the pressure until the bleeding stopped and I would check the cut often to see if it had stopped.  When I checked the cut I wanted to see just how deep she did cut it and how long it was.  This would tell me if I needed to go get it stitched or not.

The cut was about 1/2 inch in length and I was able to see fat punching through the skin.

After the bleeding stopped I put hydrogen peroxide on it to help clean out the wound.

This is the time when you pray to God for wisdom to make the right choice. 1 – does it really need a stitch? Why or why not? 2 – where is the best place to take her if she does need a stitch? do I dare give the stitch my self?

After seeking advice from professional healthcare friends I concluded my wisest choice was taking her to an urgent care. Because of were the cut was on her finger and how deep it was, I thought it best to take her in case she may need a stitch.

An hour later, the doctor had the fat tucked back in the finger and a small tape holding the cut together. The kind nurse finished it with a bandage.  There wasn’t a peep or tear from the brave little girls as the doctor took care of her cut.

I was very surprised by the price I had to pay for him to do the little that he did, but I’m thankful I did take her in.

She will be healed in 5 days. Very thankful God made children to heal quickly.

I’m not saying everyone is comfortable doctoring their own children.  You have to know you’r limits and be confident in what you do. God gave us each a brain and if you believe that you can care for you family without having to go to urgent care or ER for every little thing than do it. It is possible and it’s not hard.

Research common illnesses and how to treat them.  Eat as much whole, God made foods as possible. Your bodies will thank you and you will not get as sick. Last, seek advice from professional healthcare and natural health care friends. Most advice out there is free and most people are willing to help.

So the next time one of your children or you have a common cold or cut, start with the basics before rushing to spend $100+ for something that is common knowledge.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think. Do you doctor your own family? Have you had to make that choice to take your child to urgent care? Let me know. 🙂

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