How to Make Dandelion Chains

I’ve been asking God to show me my children through His eyes. You know, if you are a Mom you will get this, how hard it is to not find joy in your children? To know that when you look at them you don’t have love in your eyes?  I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced that, but I have. I’m so thankful God forgives me!! Let’s Rejoice!

I knew I had a problem. I knew God would help. I knew I needed to ask Him. And everyday as I come to know my Saviour and my God more I start to see my children through His eyes. Blessings!

Sitting in the grass watching my girls swing as I’m surrounded my the spring glory of dandelions, my oldest brings me a big dandelion.  The dandelion is one of my favorite flowers! I don’t see it as a weed, but a plant that God gave us and for good reason. Maybe I’ll share about the value of a dandelion some day, but for now I want to share how I taught my girls how to make dandelion chains.

I’m a dreamer. Always have been. I get lost in my own little world sometimes, but responsibility always gets me back on track. As a little girl I remember laying in the grass surrounded by dandelions and dreaming of being a dandelion princess, but I never could figure out how to make a crown. The stems always broke on me and wouldn’t stay together. I didn’t really discover how to do this method till I was older and teaching nieces and other little girls how to do it.

5 Simple Steps on Making a Dandelion Chain.

1)Pick your dandelions. Any size dandelion will do, although the longer stem ones do make it easier and faster to make a crown or necklace. 😉 IMG_6411

2)Once you have your dandelions, find a good spot on the stem that is hardy, use your thumb nail and cut a slit in the stem  all the way through to the other side. About a half inch slit will do. You want it just big enough for a stem of another dandelion to go through.

3)Next slide the stem of a different dandelion through the slit that you just made in the previous dandelion. Pull it all the way through till the flower meets the slit. Perfect!

4) Now the dandelion stem you just put through the slit, find a good spot on that stem to make a slit and repeat step 3 & 4 until your chain is as long as you want it to be then proceed to the final step of finishing the crown or necklace. IMG_6434.JPG

5) To complete the crown I like to measure the head the crown is going on by taking my chain an placing it on the head and rapping it around to get the perfect fit. Then I take the final stem and tie a knot right behind the first flower. Villa! Done!  IMG_6403


Place it on the princess’s head and enjoy the time of magic!

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