Responsibilities of the Mother. Part 2

Kenny with broom in hand lazily sweeps the kitchen floor. Distracted constantly by his rapid imagination, he raised the broom using it like a sword. The broom swings violently in a circle above his head and collided with the hanging ceiling light which shatters to many pieces as they fly throughout the room. 

The Mother is frustrated from the fussy baby on her hip and the needy toddler at her ankles. The noise of the crash and the scene of a job not done with an added mess from a boy who she sees at the moment as a disobedient lazy naughty lad tips her emotions over the top of her self control. She adds to the chaos of her own house by beginning to speak loudly (let’s just say she’s yelling, cause she is)….yelling, “How could you do such a thing? If you had been sweeping the floor instead of pretending to use it as a weapon this wouldn’t have happened!!!”

 Holy Spirit still our hearts, speak to Our minds, and stop our injuring words! 

The tone of her voice causes young Kenny to hang his head in shame. He really didn’t mean to break the light. He knew he wasn’t being diligent in sweeping the floor as the Mother had instructed. His imagination once again caused heartache for him and the Mother. Would he ever please her??

Kenny has a habit…and it’s a bad habit.  His will isn’t strong enough to overcome this bad habit. He needs someone to help him.  That someone is THE MOTHER. 

As the Mother we have to be students of our children. Do you know your child? Do you STOP and learn his heart, his desires, his needs, his sorrows? We must learn our children, each and everyone. It’s not an easy task, but God is good and He gave us Holy Spirit to help us. 

The Mother above is very similar to me. This makes me sad to think I’ve responded in such ways to my children. God gives us grace. I’m learning my children, all six of them. Kenny is my son and he has a bad habit and I know I can help him get back in the right track. It’s not going to be easy for me or for him, but God be praised He made a way. 

It all starts with the Mother. She must also learn herself and listen to Holy Spirit when life starts to turn to chaos. The atmosphere of the home depends so much on her. Learn who God made you to be. If you don’t know where to start , ask a friend you trust. Don’t have a friend you can trust, I will listen, message me. 

God made each of us Mother unique and special. You are the right Mother for YOUR children. Accept this! Embrace it! God loves YOU!

As you learn yourself and learn your children you will know their hearts. You will sigh, and be more concerned that everyone is safe from cuts than the broken light. You will see your son’s repentant heart and forgive and extend grace. You will learn to direct better habits in yourself and your children one day at a time. God is good all the time.

Learn His ways and be wise. 

Responsibilities of the Mother can seem overwhelming at times and like a heavy weight, but we Mothers are powerful. We were made to raise the next generation and let’s raise them for God’s Kingdom. 

Be strong and of good courage, God made you to be victorious!

I don’t have all the answers but I pray you have been encouraged to be a better Mother, friend, or wife.

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