Should We Get Caught Up In The Christmas Season?

A mother. Five wonderful small children. An SUV. Sun. Snow. Traveling…

It’s almost Christmas and I do love this time of year. The snow reminds me of  Christ making my sins “White as snow”.  The best truth to ever believe in. It is so freeing and makes me want to please my God. I’m so thankful He reminds me of His truths in simple things like snow.

Yes, I was driving us all to the chiroprator today and my mind was just a thinking.  If you know anything about were Christmas came from and how it all started you probably wouldn’t celebrate it. Truth, just saying. No hard feelings and I’m not telling anybody what to do. Do your research and know what you believe in. ME…I believe in God’s truth.  Christ was not born on December 25th. We all know it! it’s truth! Yet every year we all think we have to get each other gifts just because it’s Christmas.  But the older I get, I don’t have a want list anymore. I don’t know what I want for Christmas. I have everything I want. My family. All these crazy gadgets and other things that are thrown at us. You need this….you need that.  I wonder….I just wonder….How many gifts are really really celebrated and bring thankfulness??? How many???

We are brain washed. So brain washed.

But wait……Amongst all this…I see LOVE. And it was LOVE that gave us the gift of salvation.  Blessing!

I was speaking with a dear friend and business woman the other day. She is a light to my life every every time I talk to her. She encourages me and believes in me from a far.  She told me she loves this time of year, because it is the one time when we can freely talk of Christ.  Let me say that again…..”The ONE TIME of year that we can FREELY talk of CHRIST.”

So I’m not going to celebrate Christmas.  I’m going to celebrate Christ. And I’m going to tell the Gospel story, because everyone needs to know.

Getting caught up in the “I need to get everyone a gift” mentality is not, NOT in anyway a spirit of giving.

Stop. You know what!?? Some people like giving and some people like receiving. And that is totally okay.

May the givers this year do it with love and for Christ.

May the receivers be grateful for the simplest of things.

You all have a Merry Christmas and talk about Christ to everyone.


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